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I know that I haven't been on for a while so I apologize but I have a lot of infotainment now.

Girl Meets World Edit

Let's take a recap on the past. So, when Riley, Maya and Lucas went to Texas they found out their true feelings for each other and Maya ended up liking Lucas. Then, Farkle shouted out loud that Riley still loves Lucas when she stepped back for Maya. Lucas wasn't ready to choose between them but then he chooses Riley at the Ski Lodge and Maya choose Josh. Ready for some new spoilers! Josh agrees to go on a date with Maya and then set out to be boyfriend and girlfriend, which makes Lucas jealous but he still stays with Riley as they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Charlie Gardner decides that he wants to be with someone and he can't find anybody at John Quincy Adams so he leaves the school. Shawn and Katy are getting married. As Maya attempts to stop their marriage becuase she thinks something is wrong they still end up together and have twins. One boy and one girl and they name them Cory and Topanga.


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